Priestess Dance Immersion
She dances the feminine mythos alive in her flesh
She dances as a vehicle for her own catharsis
She dances as a transmission of inspiration
She dances to expand and raise the vibration
She dances as an offering of love and beauty
She dances in sync with the great mystery

The Priestess Dance Immersion is an activating and empowering week long experience of sacred dance, ceremony,  personal enrichment, sisterhood and devotional offering. 
Through the 7 days we will engage in practice and cultivation of temple dance technologies, divine feminine embodiment, wombans dance and priestess arts.

As we take part in  ceremonies, dance training, archetypal embodiment and goddess rites and rituals we will purify, consecrate and activate our bodies, our hearts and our dance as channels of high vibration divine energy. 

We will awaken our inner oracle, tune the instrument of the sacred body temple and amplify our innate feminine ability to create, heal, transform and inspire.

Throughout the week we will learn a beautiful ritual temple dance and culminate with offering our dance and our priestess presence at the wonderful and magical Day In The Bhav devotional arts festival. 

Topics of Practice & Study:
To cultivate experiential awareness and connection to our bodies and ourselves as instruments, channels, conduits. To work within this truth to clear, charge and open the channel invoking flow, clarity and presence as we hone our ability to transform, amplify and transmit energy. 
To realize and explore that our dance and the intentional movement of our beautiful body instruments can serve as a transformative, healing, catalyzing modality for personal development as well as a vehicle for connected planetary upliftment and inspiration.
To stimulate our creativity and build clarity and confidence in our own personal artistic self-expression. To discover and unlock the most powerful, authentic and fulfilling way to express ourselves and offer our work to the world.
To come into a  loving and respectful relationship with the Self, dissolving the limiting habits of harsh self-criticism, personal judgement and self-dissatisfaction. To activate honoring,  compassionate, care-full relation to ourselves, our personal experience and to our bodies.  To learn to love, listen and care for the Self as tenderly and consciously as we do with others.
To awaken priestess presence, in ourselves and on the planet, to courageously live a creative life that is not limited to the physical realms. To stand strong and supported in acknowledging the unseen, working in the more subtle realms of energy and unlocking our magic. To inspire commitment, discipline and humble confidence as we nourish the spiritual heart of community through our artistic offerings of beauty and presence.
To gain foundational tools, practices and experiences to continue to deepen on your own mystical priestess dance/arts path
To refine in your dance and embodiment
To enjoy the supreme joy and profundity of sisterhood.
WHEN: June 10th - 16th
We begin late morning June 10th and end late afternoon the 16th.
A Day in the Bhav festival is on June 15th.

We are so blessed that this immersion will be held at the extraordinary Goddess Temple Ashland and Jackson Wellsprings in beautiful Ashland Oregon. 

The Goddess Temple Ashland was founded by renowned Priestess Graell and has been anchoring high magic on the sacred land for 13 years. Complete with goddess gardens, red tent, apple island (Avalon sanctuary) and purification pool this glorious geodesic dome temple is radiating with high vibration. It is truly a gift to have the opportunity to (re)activate the modern role of temple dancer and deepen our practice in an active present day Goddess Temple.

The Goddess Temple is held in the larger Jackson Wellsprings, a 30 acre piece of land revered for centuries by First Nation tribes as a ceremonial and birthing site. The land features healing natural mineral water hot springs, soaking pools, steam room, sauna, camping facilities and a large community room with full wall mirrors where we will do our dance technique practice. 

We will be able to enjoy the soaking pools and spa facilities throughout the week. 
The Wellsprings has large yurts, tipis and dome tents for rent as well as open camping and van/rv spaces.

* You are welcome to stay at other accommodations if that suits you (see below for more info on accomdations)

This is for...
A devoted heart centered woman that wants to deepen on her sacred path.
It is for a sister that is drawn towards movement and dance as spiritual alchemy and desires to expand in her awakened embodied gnosis of herself.
It is for a sister who feels soul resonance with the sacred roles of temple dancer and priestess. Not as mere archetypes but as living breathing present days paths of practice and embodiment. 
This is for a woman who feels willing to blast open in her vulnerability, to hold loving and compassionate witness for her own AND her sister's processes.
This is *NOT* for someone who is just trying to get some “stage-time” or is overly focused on getting to “perform”. But rather a sister who desires and is willing to open in presence to the full experience of purification, intention, consecration, cultivation, sacred preparation, opening, and offering as one cohesive, holistic alchemical experience
It is for a sister that loves to dance and has movement, yoga, and dance experience. One does not need to be a professional, semi-pro or even dedicated hobbyist level dancer to attend, but does need to have spent time and practice cultivating movement in some form or fashion through the last many years. 
sacred investment:
If you would like to set up a payment plan please contact Sedona Swan at
No refunds.
Please purchase mindfully.
I do however allow and can support ticket transfer if you end up not being able to come for any reason after purchase. 
4 - 6 Online classes leading up to the immersion
All training, classes, workshops & ceremonies
Ceremonial items
Morning spread of chai, coffee, granola, baked goods, fruit, nut milks
One full hot meal per day (either dinner or lunch depending on the days schedule)
Day in the Bhav ticket and access
Accommodations (see below for more info)
Transportation to the immersion
Food outside of breakfast spread and one daily meal
Soaking Fees (Its $60 for a full week pass of soaking) 
Costumes for festival offering (I would allot $100 to the side to invest in costuming, however if this is truly not possible I am sure we can manifest what is needed for many sisters) 

Info About Accommodations:
The Wellsprings has an open camping area where you can pitch your own tent or park your van/rv for $25 a night.

There are also sweet yurts, bell dome tents and tipis that fit multiple sisters. Currently I have all of these rustic structures blocked out and saved for our group. The cost for these is about $15-$20 a night. There is electricity and non-potable water in each. You must bring your own bedding and camping mats. There are some with beds that I will offer first priority for any of our elder sisters that may join.

If you desire to stay in these fun and rustic, shared accommodations on the land  then we will coordinate that together after you sign up.

If you would like more upscale accommodations literally right next door to the Wellsprings (within walking distance) is the lovely Lithia Springs Resort with cushy rooms, hot mineral soaking pools in your room and a fab breakfast.

There are also multiple Air B and B’s, hostels and hotels in the gorgeous Ashland area.

Extra Info:
As each sister joins, I will create an online group where we can gather for coordination, accommodation planning, ride shares, etc
 (i.e. Whats Apps/Messenger/ Telegram/ FB - we will find what works best for everyone in the group)
Sample Schedules:
10am - 11am Morning Sharing Circle
11am - 1pm Embodiment Practice
1pm - 3pm Lunch Break
3pm - 4:30pm Ritual Dance Practice
5pm - 7pm Evening Ceremony
10:00 am - 2:00 pm Ceremonial Experience
2:00pm - 3:30pm Lunch
3:30pm - 6:30pm Embodiment & Ritual Dance Practice
Desire More info?
If you want more information or desire to explore if this immersion is the right fit for you, feel free to book a Zoom tea date with me. If you have not participated in my in person or online classes or workshops and we don’t actually know each other I will want to book a tea date anyway.
Hello Beloved,
I am Sedona Swan Soulfire, a present-day priestess, goddess empowerment coach and sacred embodiment artist. It is an honor to serve as your guide for The Priestess Dance Immersion. 
  For the past 20 years, I have guided women in sacred dance and ritual embodiment. Witnessing the transformations that occur when women take the time to love and nurture their bodies through movement, magic, and intention never ceases to amaze me.

I am here to serve as your mirror sister, reflecting to you your strength, wisdom and wild liberated magic. It is my honor to guide you home to meet your body and your soul-self with absolute love and devotion.

In a world that has been so drastically out of balance for so many years, I am committed to restoring inner and outer harmony in myself, my life, my community, and in the world. Primarily, I work with the feminine because I believe the world is desperately in need of the medicine of the awakened, embodied, fully expressed feminine. I envision a world where every woman knows her body as the sacred temple it is, stands strong anchored in adoring self love and feels safe in courageously shining her unique light in the world.

  I have been initiated through the 13 Moon Mystery School; a Celtic Avalonian Star lineage of alchemy rooted in the exploration and embodiment of frequency as expressed through Divine Feminine archetypes. I am also a certified Temple Guide through the Priestess Presence Temple and have moved through initiatory training in both the Rosa Mystica and 7 Sisters Mystery Schools.
I marry all of my priestess arts study and cultivation with a lifetime of dance training, teaching and performance.

Dance has always been my most powerful instrument of empowerment, connection and personal awakening. As I deepened on my dance path my soul yearned for spaces, places and teachers that were making the mystical connections between movement and spiritually and approaching the dance in a sacred way. This desire inspired two decades of travel and study of esoteric embodiment traditions and mystical arts. I have  had the good grace of studying with many amazing and influential teachers on my path some which include Ariel Spilsbury, Elayne Kalila Sophia, Rekha Tandon, Colleena Shakti, Prajwal Vajrachara, Suhalia Salimpour, Aida Nour, Diana Dubrow, Ra Lalita Dasa, Swami Satchidananda & Swami Ramanda.

I marry all of  my study and experience together to bring you The Priestess Dance Immersion.

It is my deepest joy and honor to call us together in sacred space to connect, grow, amplify in our embodied power and dance in the light of our souls true majesty.

In dancing devotion,

©️ Goddess Embodied 2024